Modern Bathrooms

Clean, simple lines and fresh contemporary colour schemes are just two of the features that define our modern bathrooms here at NPM Bathrooms, making them popular for new builds or brand-new homeowners. If you’re a fan of streamlined, minimalist aesthetics, or adding a touch of class with vibrant statement colours, this is definitely the style for you!


What Defines A Modern Bathroom?

Simplicity and functionality are both key ideals in the design of modern bathrooms, which are often recognisable through their clean lines and geometric shapes. The minimalistic style is also reflected in their fixtures, faucets and decorative accessories, with many designers choosing to use smooth, curving angles to soften any hard edges. Meanwhile, their distinctive colour schemes usually incorporate particularly bold and vibrant colours, often accented by glossy, metallic or textured surfaces. Ultimately, this can result in some fascinatingly luxurious or boutique styles.

We’re proud to work with a number of leading modern bathroom brands who are both national and international market leaders, giving our clients access to stunning products and fixtures from the likes of Roca, GSI Bathrooms, Ambience Bain and Pelipal – just to name a few!

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